Here’s a fun fact. I wasn’t too keen on my new bookcover. Why? It was difficult to think of my brother in the role of sexy Viking hero. That doesn’t mean he’s not hero material. Far from it. My brother is the kindest man with and overflowing abundance in integrity.

After studying the cover for a day or two, I’ve about decided it’s now my favorite for the very reason it first made me go “ugh?” I love the idea of my brother on the cover.

Okay, the model for this cover is not my brother, but he sure looks like him . I’ll let you be the judge. Here’s a pic of the two of us when we were about 20.
Compare it to the cover of my Viking Time travel and see what you think.

About Me?

I’m an artist. The medium I choose depends on my mood. Some days I feel like painting with oil sticks, but most days I paint with words. I enjoy writing historical westerns, time travels, futuristic romances and fantasies.

So how does it feel to finally receive acknowledgment for an obsessive compulsion to write? Wonderful. I am so blessed to have an editor believe in my work. I queried Champagne Books and two other e-publishers on March 24, 2005 with a partial and synopsis. The following day, I had a request for the full. And a week later, Champagne Books offered me a contract. Five hours later, one of the other e-publishers requested a reading of the full, and I had to politely let them know it was no longer available. The hardest part was waiting a full year until the book made its debut.

So who am I really? I’m a native Texan with the twang to prove it. I consider myself well rounded (in more ways than one) with an interest in dance, music, visual arts, sailing, camping, sewing, gardening, and of course, writing. I hold a BFA with a major in art and a minor in math. Yep, that’s right, math. You know that whole right brain/left brain thing? I tested right down the middle. Oh, and here’s a side note. At one point in time, I worked as a dental assistant. I took a pretty mean x-ray. But that was many moons ago. Now, I just work at my art and write. I’m married to a wonderful man who works as an investigator during the week and a carpenter during the weekend. Our home is filled with pieces of handbuilt furniture. I am also blessed with two wonderful children.

And that, my friends, is who I am. I hope you enjoy reading my sci-fi futuristics and my historical westerns.

Contact me at I love to hear from readers!