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A Noble Sacrifice

Blue Ribbon Review of A Noble Sacrifice from J. T.
Tared Charst of the Verside is condemned to torment and torture of the zeel pits as punishment for his crimes against his people and family. What he finds at the bottom of the hell hole is not the perdition he envisioned but an entire new world totally undiscovered until now!

Joyella Denue is a member of the Temi tribe who lives in the bowels of the Planet of Pelicosia. Guided by Yutenk, theirs is a matriarchy community where the men are pampered and protected behind glassed chambers. However, Joyella's first encounter with a man of the outside world left her with more than just nightmares and unwanted memories.

When these two wounded souls meet, both their worlds collide literally and culturally. Though sparks may fly whenever they are near each other, any relationship between them is nigh on impossible! Only A NOBLE SACRIFICE and Ciara Gold can bring this ill fated couple together with such passion and intricacies.

Romance, rebellion and redemption all come together in an explosive tale about the power of love and redemption. Definitely an excellent sequel but be forewarned though, this book will be best appreciated after reading its prequel, CELESTIAL DRAGON, another not to be missed book by Ciara Gold that will no doubt leave you scrambling for more.

Lototy from Coffeetime writes: "I very much enjoyed the power play between these two characters. Joyella went from being a frightened and timid young woman to a real leader of her people. Tared regained his honor by learning when to relinquish control and allowing himself to accept help. Joyella and Tared complimented each other very well by knowing when to give and when to take. This book was a real pleasure to read." See the rest of the review at Coffeetime.

Little Sunshine from Nightowl Romances writes: "Ciara Gold has penned an entertainingly charming and endearing story that will pique the reader's interest from beginning to end. Ms. Gold has done an amazing job of taking the reader on a road to rediscovery beautifully illustrating how two people from different races and values overcame their differences through love and determination. Hats off to Ms. Gold's ingenuity on creating such a wonderfully vivid futuristic world filled with romance and mystical dragons. I cannot wait to see what future offerings Ms. Gold has in store for her readers." Read the rest at Nightowl Romance.