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Celestial Dragon

Gail Pruszkowski from Romantic Times Book Reviews wrote: “Gold kicks off an exciting new series with a beautifully written romantic fantasy. Her finely detailed world produces vivid images, and the gripping plot is full of drama and passion, complete with dragons and shapeshifters. Complex characters evoke intense emotions. Readers will ache for a happy ending and eagerly anticipate the next adventure.” Check out this awesome review in the August ’07 issue of Romantic Times.

Although no longer on the site, Trevas from blew me away with his glowing review in 2008. Here’s a snippet; "I’ve read and reviewed some books from big name authors in the past couple months. If you read through my reviews, I’ve posted my thoughts on books from the likes of Terry Brooks, George R.R. Martin, and Mercedes Lackey. Here’s the thing though – Ciara Gold’s Celestial Dragon blows all of them away as far as reading enjoyment is concerned."

FAR review of Celestial Dragon by Linda L
Chelian Lan Kar, daughter of Sire Bande Kar, the high chancellor of the home-unit of Kel, finds solace with her terrain doll, Bertil, in her room away from everyone. The Satobik-born is the only daughter of Sire Bande, and is the keeper of her father’s library and his accounts. She feels she has numerous friends behind the pages in the books, but there is a downside to her life. Chelian carries the mark of the Deliphit, a sickness that lies inside carrying supernatural powers, where even a touch can be a poison so evil that it has destroyed past civilizations. But all that changes when a stranger appears at their door with an incredible proposition for her father. Fen Dane Charst is on a quest in which failure is not an option. The planet on which he lives is only inhabited by men, so now he must seek out women for the men to have mates. After making acquaintance with the lovely Chelian, Dane is certain that this is his one life-long soul mate. When the Sire and Dane embark on a business deal, Chelian is caught in between being very flustered with her father for considering such a deal while questioning her trust for Dane. Now Dane must find a way to show her how he truly feels and that his trust and devotion is most honorable.

Celestial Dragon is a compelling read that carries the reader into a magical world that this reader could envisage and feel. The moment that Dane meets Chelian, the embers begin to smolder through the pages. In a world where freedom is most treasured, at any cost, fortitude is the first important step in the game. With some surprising twists and turns, this story spins with intense action with mythological beasts, the unearthing of new planets and some very gallant men. Ms. Gold pens a tale that grabs the reader from the first page and travels on to an enchanting world never before seen. The way she sculptures the characters of Dane and Chelian as they set out on a quest together is very well-written. I love how she made the heroine autonomous and enjoyed the dialogue that she incorporated between the two. Ms. Gold creates two soul mates meant to be together, who discover a fun way to get there, then seasons it with some adventure, anticipation, mixing with just the right amount of sweet romance and outstanding secondary characters that kept this reader spellbound.