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Keeper of Moon Haven

Chris from Romance Junkies wrote: "Dark excitement and intrigue abounds as only Ciara Gold's KEEPER OF MOON HAVEN can incite.  Characters are neatly fleshed out.  Noreen's precarious station in life can be appreciated by anyone whose destiny has ever taken an unexpected downturn.  The mythical creatures are not only varied, but because we either see them through Noreen's perceptive eyes or the wizard's almost too-logical viewpoint, they are what they are – intriguing, timeless, magical Beings.  What they most certainly are not are poor, defenseless, giggling, frilly creatures of the childhood fairy tale persuasion.  Also, since time travels differently in the Faery realm, it's interesting to see how each Being bears the weight of the past, the ramifications of decisions made in their name, and how their unyielding expectations of the Keeper are matched only by their steadfast confidence in him.  The pressure and stress of his position are definitely not for the weak of heart.
Amazing facets to Noreen and the wizard's love story are their irresistible chemistry, the way he so astutely reads her and her inner turmoil, the way she unknowingly foments mayhem within his near impenetrable emotional walls – the moment they surrender their inhibitions and give in to their first kiss – absolutely stunning.  Their interactions were something I looked forward to – antagonistic but sometimes silly, sweet yet sometimes cold, and for all their enmity (lest we forget just how stunningly beautiful they both are), no two could be more perfectly suited.
A refreshing paranormal romance that reads like a perfectly blended historical, suspense, and fantasy fairy tale, KEEPER OF MOON HAVEN will easily appeal to lovers of all genres.  Although this is my first introduction to Ms. Gold's work, I have already added her other novels to my Christmas list!"