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Sarah's Brass Token

TRS five star review
Brenda Talley from the Romance Studio wrote: "When Tabor Nolan road into Banjo, Texas, the first person he saw was Sarah Jones who was trying to make it home with a borrowed wagon and the corpse of her brother on the back. She was trying to dig a hole in the hard dirt to bury John, her brother who had just been hung for murder. No one in town would help her; she wasn’t sure how she would get him buried. Tabor offered her water and then completed the digging and burying of her brother. Sarah was, of course, skeptical of him because none of the townspeople would speak to her, advance her credit, or give her a job. She had no money and nowhere to go with her five-year-old son. This was a big problem because she was five months behind on her farm payments and was to be evicted at anytime. She suggested that Tabor keep on riding if he was looking for a place to settle down; he wasn’t sure Banjo was not the place to stay!
Tabor and Sarah had a future; Tabor was sure of that. When he started checking the story behind Sarah, he knew she needed help. After overhearing an agreement by the land office personnel and the town’s nasty saloon owner to take over her land, Tabor bought it himself and then set out to convince Sarah to marry him.

Ms. Ciara Gold has written a wonderfully uplifting story about two people who are made for each other but are skeptical about a future because of things that happened in the past. The more Tabor pushed, the further Sarah ran! She was skeptical of any kindness he showed to her. Sarah’s Brass Token is an incident which, though seemingly insignificant, becomes a thread which unifies the entire story. The initial offering of the token was an insult; the overall theme proves otherwise. Likewise, Ms. Gold uses the sub-characters in such a way that the story is greatly enhanced. I loved this story from the beginning; I enthusiastically recommend it!"

Coffeetime Romance 5 cup review
Matilda from Coffeetime wrote: Sarah Jones, the town outcast, has just buried her brother. He was hung for murder, of which he was innocent. She has a five-year-old son, is behind in her farm payments, no one in town will offer her credit, and life seems to be getting harder and more impossible. That is, until Tabor returns to Banjo to become her savior and much more.

After losing everything in the war, Tabor Nolan knew what he wanted; a family. And he knew the first time he met Sarah that he wanted her for his wife. Coming back to Banjo was the right choice. Now he must convince Sarah to marry him. He must also decide whether he wants to resume his medical career as a doctor or just continue to make furniture.

Sarah and Tabor are two lost people burned by the past. Now they have a chance to put that past to rest and embark on a new future together. They are each getting so much more than what they longed for in the process.

I cannot say enough good things about this book. It just blew me away. Such heartache turned into such promise. The three-dimensional secondary characters tell more than just the story of Sarah and Tabor. I can only hope for a chance to see some of them in their own story. The Brass Token in this story means one thing, but becomes a symbol of something else. You must read this story. It will touch you to the core. Kudos Ms. Gold on a riveting good book!

4 Ribbons from Romance Junkies! Natalie wrote SARAH’S BRASS TOKEN tugged at my heart tremendously. Feeling Sarah’s pain at the loss of her brother, I found my heart breaking at her show of fortitude as well as her struggle to depend only on herself. While at times she didn’t seem to appreciate the efforts of Tabor, I most certainly did; I found him to be loyal, trustworthy, and completely irresistible. I love how Ciara Gold incorporated the protagonists into the storyline as well as her ability to make me not like them.

For a poignant, sensual, and satisfying western historical, readers won’t go wrong with SARAH’S BRASS TOKEN. I know I didn’t. Read the rest here.